Take a look at what our clients have to say about us.


General Manager, Automobile Service Co., Ltd. Mercedes-Benz (Shanghai)
Raymond has never failed in giving valuable guidance and advice in my job and my life. I wasn’t an avid believer of Feng Shui until I met Raymond. Before I meet him, I faced some obstacles in my career. The Feng Shui recommendations done by Raymond enable me to see encouraging and positive outcomes within a short period of time. It was simple and easy to apply, and yet the result was nothing short of amazing. I’m grateful that Feng Shui adjustments done by Raymond had improved both my career and life, which in turn open new window of opportunities in my life and career.


Director, Urban Catalyst
As an architect in Malaysia, I am certainly no stranger to Feng Shui. I have seen my fair share of clients who want both designs that can incorporate Feng Shui and aesthetic element together. Most of the time it can be a difficult as it is difficult for us who is train in the field of design to understand what Feng Shui is and how to apply it into our design without affecting the aesthetic or practical value of our design. Putting figurines in certain corners, painting wall with awkward colours, or even making premise looks like a Chinese restaurant can be an eye sore. That was my impression of Feng Shui until I met Raymond. Raymond recommendation to me is simple yet easy. A good example is that he rearranged some furniture in my office and did minor changes to the main entrance. As a result of those small changes, it has opens up more business opportunities within a few weeks. In my career as an architect, Raymond recommendation is so far one of the most practical in design sense. The Feng Shui element may not be that obvious but the result certainly is!


Deputy General Manager, Hap Seng Star Sdn Bhd (Mercedes-Benz)
I was introduced to Raymond through a friend of mine. After getting my destiny read by Raymond, I’m amazed at how a Ba Zi reading can describe oneself so accurately. Through Raymond’s guidance, I am able to unleash my full potential in my career, relationships and personal life. What set Raymond aside from other consultants is that he always gives me logical solutions whenever I’m facing hindrances in life. With Raymond’s guidance, I’m experiencing a more fulfilling and happier life now. Therefore, having my Ba Zi read by Raymond has become my routine every year. I have also consulted Raymond on Feng Shui audit for my business. Raymond’s recommendations are result oriented. I see obvious improvements in sales and working environment after some rearrangements of rooms and furniture in my office. I can see that the employees have become more energized and positive after the changes. I’ll recommend Raymond to anyone who is seriously looking for an Authentic Feng Shui Master who can help you and your business.


CEO, Newfields Property Management Sdn Bhd.
Accomplishment and achievement have never been more straightforward ever since engaging Raymond for Feng Shui consultation. With simple redeployment of some furniture in my house, Raymond has brought my relationships to another milestone. I know for certain it has raised the quality of my life with my family even though a lot of my time is occupied with my business. Raymond has created positive changes with simple recommendations at my office. I have notice the environment of the office has become more vibrant and a happier workplace. Furthermore, more business opportunities have presented themselves. Raymond as a Bazi Consultant is precise and accurate when it comes to life path reading. Speaking from my own experience with Raymond, I can better understand myself and foresee what is installed in my future. His clear and sound guidance helps clear my mind especially when it comes to crucial decisions in both my business and life.


Consultant Ophthalmologist, FRCSEd (UK)
I was not a firm believer of Feng Shui until a couple of years ago when I met with an unfortunate event whereby I fell victim to a non-existing investment scheme proposed by a close friend. In a twist of fate, I was recommended to consult Master Raymond Wong who had assured me that there was still light at the end of the tunnel. Following his simple and yet effective Feng Shui advice, I managed to recoup all my losses. From then on, Feng Shui plays an important part of my life, be it at work or home. I continue to consult Master Raymond Wong when important decisions are required e.g. purchasing property, redesigning my home based on Feng Shui principle etc. Master Raymond Wong never fails to impress or convince me each time. Life is definitely easier when the correct Feng Shui principles are applied. Words can’t describe my utmost gratitude to Master Raymond Wong. I would highly recommend Master Raymond Wong to anybody who is looking for a professional Feng Shui practitioner with a proven track record.


Director, Kagu Furniture Sdn Bhd
Being in business I have engaged in other Feng Shui masters before I had the privilege to be introduce to Raymond. What really set aside Raymond from the rest is the capability he has portrayed to me in his knowledge of Feng Shui and Ba Zi reading. I was certainly impressed as Raymond’s recommendations were precise, logical, and definitely results oriented. My business has improved astoundingly ever since I got to know Raymond and it has continued to exceed my own expectation. Besides wealth accumulation, I found Raymond to be very helpful in other aspect in my life such as family matters. It is to my confidences with the guidance of Raymond that I dare say I can better handle the challenges in the future!


Managing Director, Vanquish Construction Sdn Bhd
I was introduced to Raymond in 2010 by a client who had engaged in Raymond consulting. Raymond has been generous in giving guidance to me since then. Before this, business was slow and my clientele was not growing as much as I hope it would. Raymond’s Feng Shui recommendations were able to help my business grow within weeks! I could definitely see a spike in the volume of businesses. My business now has improved so much I often joke that I now am able to choose the type of clients I want to have! Over the years the projects that I received has also grown in term of size. I cannot thank Raymond enough for his genuine advice. Since then I had Ba Zi Destiny reading done for my family and myself. Today in any major decision-making, I would consult Raymond first before making a decision. I again thank Raymond for the generosity he has given me in term of guidance an advice. I highly recommend him!


Regional marketing manager, Eppendorf Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdoms. As a salaryman who has been working in a biotechnology company for 13 years, I had been stuck in the career and did not know how to advance further. Even though I knew that I have potential but was not sure what they are and how to unleash them to reach the goal I wanted. It felt like walking in the dark. Raymond Wong's Bazi reading has helped me to identify my strengths and how to use them in the most effective ways in achieving my goals and career path. It also helps me to understand my own weaknesses which had been hindering me from moving forward. Should I have let Raymond read my Bazi earlier, I would have reached my goal earlier. But it is better late than never.


Inside Sales Representative, Veeam Software
Thanks the sifu Raymond for the Bazi reading as he able to identify the good elements that will improve my career path. Sifu Raymond also able to see my characteristics by only see my bazi, which is impressive. Plus, he also let me know what are the years that I should maximized my knowledge or take precautions on some of the unfortunate things happened.

Alistair Zhang

Raymond Wong is easy to engage. The recommendation he provides are practical and sensible. Within 3 months I have experience results. The unique thing about Raymond is that he does follow up after the consultation without charges. He goes the extra mile to help and is always ready to take my questions! I highly recommend Raymond especially if you are serious in making changes with Feng Shui.


Senior Consultant, IQI Global
By reading the Bazi, you can know your strength and weakness in different way. Its like getting a boost to your ability after you realise your strength and you could utilize it to the max. If you’re wondering what should you do in next 5-10years, you should really consult with sifu Raymond. He’ll be your spotlight and guide you the correct pathway.

Raymond Wong

Professional Feng Shui & Metaphysics Expert