It is very important to have a good selection of property to yield better Feng Shui results. In other words, if you select a property with good Feng Shui, be it a piece of land, an office, a house, a shop lot etc, the property will help the business and the occupants to have higher level of luck and vast business opportunities. Together with the implementation of some Feng Shui techniques on the property, this benefits both the business and the occupants, doing well in all undertakings. In the case where a person choose a property with less or bad Feng Shui capacity, the property will not prosper the business or the occupants. Even with some Feng Shui solutions installed in the property, in some of the cases, it would not help much to improve the luck or opportunities to the business and the occupants. Therefore, selecting a property with good Feng Shui is important and crucial.

Land Selection

If you would like to acquire a land for building a mall, building a bungalow, an office building or building a housing estate etc, selecting a land with good Feng Shui will give you an upper hand for your project. Different land will give different influence to the occupants and the business.
Selecting a good land, coupled with some Feng Shui techniques implemented on the building built on the land, will increase the chance of the building of having a higher value and getting leased easily with higher rental rate. The occupants in the building will enjoy better Feng Shui luck with more opportunities and better business flow. It gives a win-win situation to the owner and the tenants.
Land selection consultation fee : Please call us for quotation.
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Residential House Selection

Nowadays, most of us would have limitations when it comes to the layout of the place we have bought or, are already staying especially apartments and link houses. It is often not feasible to shift the main entrance from the original location to another in such residential (unless it’s a bungalow or semi detached house). Therefore, when shopping for a house, selecting one with good Feng Shui is definitely the best and more favorable than trying to implement Feng Shui solutions to a house with bad Feng Shui.
Based on your Bazi, we will help you to make wise decision in selecting a house with good Feng Shui, that best suit you and your family. Even if you might not be buying a house at the current moment, we do provide a Feng Shui feedback service too on the current house you are staying or your other properties.
Residential house selection consultation fee : USD $638 for each property viewed.
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Shop Lots Selection

It is unknown to many but in fact not every business operator in a shopping mall will do well even if the mall is a crowded and packed most of the time. Some businesses would do very well, some barely make profits and some just make losses every month! With soaring rental rates, selecting the wrong shop unit will become a burden to the business. Therefore, selecting a shop lot with good Feng Shui is one of the upmost important criteria to success in you business!
Different type of businesses will need different Feng Shui formation and different Feng Shui requirements. By having a thorough understanding of our client’s business, we will help to select the right shop unit that best fit their needs. We will definitely take into considerations the feasibilities and the convenience of a shop lot to the business. With our expertise, we can also provide our comments about the shop lot that is selected by the client. The client will then make the decision based on the pros and cons as shared by us.
Shop Lots selection consultation fee : USD $980 for each property viewed.
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Offices Selection

The Feng Shui of an office has a definite impact on the business. Companies nowadays prefer to have their offices located in an office building. It is a norm that the management of the office building will have a set of rules and regulations that the tenant has to abide to in their tenancy agreement. Tenants are often not allowed to alter the design of the office with their renovation and also make changes to the location of the main entrance. Feng Shui consultancy is more difficult in situations like this. Often enough, it is very challenging to provide the right Feng Shui solutions. In conclusion, it is best to choose the right office with good Feng Shui rather than trying to implement Feng Shui solutions with so many restrictions.
Offices selection consultation fee : USD $980 for each property viewed.
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