As Bazi Master based in Kuala Lumpur (KL) Malaysia, we are specialized in reading your destiny, your luck, and your fate based on your date and time of birth. Having your destiny read is important as :
  • It lets you understand your potential in you. We will show you how you can unleash your potential to reach the higher grounds in your career, relationship, financial, marriage etc.
  • It identifies the hurdles of your life. Knowing the reason why you cannot do well in your life. We will give suggestions for you to overcome it.
  • It tells you how your marriage looks like. We will help you to plan a perfect everlasting marriage.
  • It identifies your strengths and your weaknesses. This is important for you to plan your life ahead.
  • It tells you which career path you should choose that best suit you to avoid unnecessary disappointment and waste of time, as the saying goes, 'Time is Gold'.

Whole Life Destiny Reading (using BaZi)

We need your date of birth, and time of birth (Western Calendar) to list out your Bazi. Based on your Bazi, we will read :
  • Your character, your personality, your strengths and your potential. Knowing these will allow you to understand yourself and better plan your life and how to unleash your potential for perfect living and good quality of life.
  • Your weaknesses, the obstacles in your life an possible reasons that stop you from excelling in life. We will give you some suggestions on how to remove the obstacles and excel in all aspects of your life.
  • How others perceive you and how you can build better rapport and good relationships with your friends, your partners, your business partners and people around you.
  • Your luck. Knowing your luck is essential to let you plan for perfect living and good quality of life.
  • Your wealth luck. We will tell you your wealth luck throughout your whole life. We will let you know which field best suit you to embark in your career, whether you will do better in business or working for others. We will also advise you on how to improve your wealth luck.
  • Your love life. We will let you know when your Mr.or Mrs. Right will appear in your life. We will also give some suggestions on how to solve your marriage problems, if any.
  • Your family life. We will let you know how your children will be, your parents will be and how your family life is.
  • To help you solve your current problems. From your Bazi, we find out the root of your problems and will give you suggestions to overcome it.
Clients can ask questions related to their lives during Bazi consultation. A consultation will usually take 1 hour. Consultation period can be extended if there is a need to.
Bazi consultation fee : from USD $98 onwards.
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Annual Destiny Reading using BaZi

Want to know what’s install in your life this year ? Why are you having so much obstacles this year ? Annual Bazi reading is what you are looking for. We tell you your luck for the whole year.
The annual Bazi reading will include (but not limited to):
  • Your wealth luck for the year, and what you should take note in the year for better wealth luck.
  • Your family luck for the year, and what you should take note in the coming year for better relationships with family members.
  • Your health luck for the year, and what you should watch out for your health issues.
  • Some mishaps in the year if there is any. We will try to give you solutions to overcome the mishaps.
We encourage you to ask questions during the consultation session.
Annual Bazi consultation fee : from USD $48 onwards.
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Online Destiny reading (BaZi)

Yes ! We provide Destiny reading online ! We can meet face to face, on an online social media eg WeChat, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp etc. to have your Destiny read ! It’s simple, and hassle free. You can have your Destiny read at your most comfortable and convenient place and time.
Online Bazi consultation fee : from USD $48 onwards (30 minutes online Annual Bazi reading).
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