An insight on Feng Shui and Bazi is available from time to time upon request. We offer various Feng Shui and Bazi Talks and Seminars to companies and to the public. You can write to us if you wish to arrange a Feng Shui talk for your company or for your event.
For the Feng Shui enthusiasts, we offer various kinds of Feng Shui courses and Bazi courses in Malaysia too. We’ll keep you update on seminars and courses upon availability. Please visit our website for time to time updates. Alternatively, you can “Like” our facebook page for the latest information of our events.
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As a professional, I possess a strong interest in Metaphysics study. The study of Five Arts like Bazi or Fengshui may appear to many as mythical or mysterious, or somewhat superstitious. When I started learning further, it is fundamentally a study of human relationship and interaction with nature. Before I met Master Raymond, I had attended a few courses under different masters and read a wide range of books. Ever since I joined his class, I found his course offering a more in-depth knowledge which has a practical application that forms an integral part of our daily life. I am fortunate to meet the right master guiding me with a true insight to grasp a better understanding on the subject matter. It helps me to truly understand my own character, weaknesses and strengths, enable me to make a better decision in my life.

Moo Swee Man

General Manager, Ingredients Plus (M) Sdn Bhd
I am not a believer in Fengshui & Bazi before this until met Master Raymond Wong. During his fengshui consultation for my new house selection, he was able to pinpoint the impact of current own stay house to my past life based on fengshui and my Bazi. He has proven the accuracy even he does not know me at all. This is amazing and really impressed me to change my impression towards Fengshui & Bazi. As a result, this event has prompted me to learn this skill and knowledge from his metaphysic courses. These Fengshui & Bazi courses are well-structured and informative with many relevant life examples n case studies which help to make our learning more purposeful. He is a sincere teacher/mentor with his endless supports, patience, and guidance. As a newbie, I found it quite overwhelming but Master Raymond Wong always clear all the doubts and encourages us to improve our skills by practising with our surroundings. Looking forward for his advance classes in next year 2022. Highly recommended to those who are interested to learn real Chinese metaphysics or like to engage with Professional Bazi & Fengshui consultation.

Kayman Liang

Mortgage Consultant, RHB Bank
I have zero knowledge for feng shui at first and thank you to Master Raymond makes me have a different point of view that Feng Shui it is understandable and is not Superstitious or Magic. It is a knowledge to study more about our life. Even just attended one course due to time allocation, but it is definitely a good start for myself. Hope to learn more if enrollment is available in next year..Appreciate it!


A class that worth every penny and time, packed with lots of information and knowledge of fengshui and bazi. Straight to the point, and clear explanation from the sifu. It helped me so much in learning bazi and feng shui as a first timer, cause it’s packed with so much knowledge I can understand everything clearly. If you’re looking for a bazi/fengshui class to attend, this is a course you wouldn’t want to miss!

Raymond Wong

Professional Feng Shui & Metaphysics Expert